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Hot legs and nice panty up skirts

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Just look at these nifty legs and sexy panty under the unbelievably short skirt! Our hunter is genius!
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Bao ( 6 years ago )
I have been a nudist since I dicoevsred it by myself when I was about 12, almost 50 years ago.  My wife seldom participates in social nudism with me, so I am lumped into that category of  Single Males .  On occassion she has visited other nudist parks with me, but just cannot get into the social opportunities that real nudism offers.  Regardless, I do not let that prevent me from visiting various nudist parks.  I understand the stereotype that goes along with any male wishing to spend as day in the park, so I work with it, and not against it.  Hidden River Nudist Resort is where I primarily visit on a regular basis.  I have been using this park for about the last 10 years.  But before my first visit, I made contact with the owner, by email and the telephone.  I wanted to make a good impression and develop a bond of trust.  On my first visit, I spent several hours with the owner, introducing myself, my background, and answering any & all questions.  Whenever I plan a visit to the park, I always notify the staff of my upcoming visit, and most importantly, I obey all the rules!
ixust ( 10 years ago )
Not a bad upskirt.Wish women would wear more pleated skirts though.

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