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Babe leaned over fence and got filmed

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The people hardly could think a guy with cam was shooting babes hot upskirt while she leaned over the fence!
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Clara ( 7 years ago )
Dean, maybe you could give your opinion about what heepanpd to me yesterday. I was at the college gym, showering in the girls locker rooms after my workout. There were three other girls showering too. Suddenly we were all surprised as the door burst open and three guys strode in. One of them yelled out  Girls, we're here to check for pussy wetness, please spread those legs just as wide as they can go! , while another one pointed a video camera at us. All three boys were grinning.As the boy with the video camera came in closer and directed his camera at one of the girls, Heather, clearly coming in for a close-up of her snatch, Heather put a hand over her pussy to try to block his view. The boy who had spoken just shook his head and reached down to firmly move her hand aside, as the other boys giggled. Heather was still standing under the shower, the water running down her body. He then started to slide his finger up and down her slit, before beginning to rub her clit, and declaring  well, this one is certainly wet!  Making sure not to get in the way of the camera, he then started lecturing her, saying  you know the rules about excitement are there to create a better school environment, don't you? To stop you getting the boys all excited? Yet you break them anyway? Look what you've done to Billy's cock!  The third boy   Billy I guess   laughed and unzipped his fly, pulling out a very hard penis.Heather tried to object that she was wet because she was in the shower, but they were having none of it. The boy replied that they were past the stage of determining her guilt and were moving on to punishment.Heather replied that  but you know I'm telling the truth, don't you?  Then she gasped when she saw what Billy was doing, which was lubing up his cock. Then she tried to make an arguemtn, grasping at straws I guess, saying,  see, you now I'm not really wet, that is why you're lubing your prick!  But Billy just replied, grinning,  no, I'm lubing my cock because I think I'm not going to punishment you in your pussy. Please bend over that bench. While their attention was elsewhere, I snuck out of the room, I admit. But if you don't believe me, take a look at the video those boys put up on the college intranet, entitled  Heather gets assfucked .Did they break any rules by doing all this?

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